This is only one of many panels painted throughout the city of Windsor while Lynda worked with the City of Windsor Artists.

We painted lots of Murals together throughout the City of Windsor. We enjoyed many unveilings and it was a great opportunity to get involved, revitalize the city and share ideas, learn techniques and grow with each other as artists and friends. 

Lynda continue's to work on these types of panels to this day. 
Lynda says it is similar to painting on a motorcycle tank or helmet. 

All of the work the Artist's painted for the City of Windsor were completed on these types of panels and will keep for years to come.

Lynda enjoyed this project and working with all the other artist's we learned from each other and continue to support each other and our journey with arts. 

Lynda is actually redoing her studio using these panels and painting where she loves to visit up north! Stay tuned!

A section of the Windsor Star Mural