Tom Thomson at Fairy Island!?

Painting 2 (size 30"x40")


This picture depicts – A place I would like to think Tom found and loved! Tom visited many wonderful places to camp and paint and I envision him here, maybe that's him inside, sketching away after lighting a fire in the chimney, arriving back from another canoe trip!

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Tribute to Tom Thomson!

These Paintings are to commemorate Two Major Milestones. The 100th anniversary of artist Tom Thomson's death and Canada's 150th Birthday!

Wow, to what Tom Thomson has given and left to Canada and Canadians! How compelling his inspiration is to artists and how he has touched so many lives so deeply! He is truly an artist to love, cherish, admire & respect.

Through my research, I discovered that no one has depicted paintings of Tom Thomson as I see them in my mind’s vision. Tom being his adventuresome self in search of that next sketch. Tom in the wilderness painting.  How Tom left and how his spirit lives on. This must be what I was meant to do. I was to paint this for Tom’s Tribute! So, I took on the challenge.

I am humbled, yet delighted in every sense, to paint the story of how I see Tom Thomson's Picturesque life. Tom’s inspiration and spirit was clearly evident, while I was creating these paintings. So much happened along the way, that that is another story in itself! 

Each painting is its own inspirational chapter of Tom's life through my artistic view. Tom came to Learn, to Do, to Share & to Inspire and that is what he has done. These paintings are to give Tribute to Tom and to keep his Legacy alive.

I love that Tom stood for creating your own vision and sharing what you see with the world in your own artistic way. That I will carry forward. Tom Thomson has certainly inspired the growth of my own unique voice as an artist and I hope this Tribute to Tom Thomson inspires you!  I look forward to continuing on this journey, painting our travels and telling our stories. Inspired, as if Tom were right there himself! I am certain he will be! Guiding and pushing the oils through the canvas, while helping to develop and create that spark, that vision, in which we haven't seen yet!
If I could write a note to Tom Thomson, It would surely say:

Thank you, Tom Thomson, for all you have given and all that you have left! We will cherish you forever. We will never ever forget you and you will always be an inspiration.

Lynda Moffatt


Tom Thomson's Adventures

Painting 1 (size 30"x40")


This picture depicts - Tom Thomson on one of his adventurous painting trips in Algonquin Park. Tom is paddling his canoe on this lovely, fall day and it is a bit chilly outside. He has his Hudson's Bay blanket on his lap, smoking his pipe and enjoying the day as he heads over to the campsite, he arranged before leaving for his day trip. He will have a nice campfire and sketch a bit!

Tom Thomson's Light Shines Forever

Painting 4 (size 30"x40")


This picture depicts – Tom's spirit is forever! His light will shine within us, it will spark in the fire of our campsites and shine in the northern lights in the sky as they dance above us. Tom's Spirit will be ever present as we paint on any lake or shore side and he will over look our visions. Tom’s inspiration will guide us through our paintings encouraging us as a Testament to his Life!

Tom Thomson’s Spectacular Life!

Painting 3 (size 30"x 40") Sold

This picture depicts – how I want to remember Tom on his painted lake. Paddling as if he was leaving and going on one of his painting excursions. There were so many unanswered questions about his death, I just had to put it into my own perspective. It was my way of giving Tom Tribute for his Life and not focusing on the tragedy of his death. Tom left to go to a better place, to another home, to his forever blessed destiny!