The Hermit Cabin Giclee Print, matted & framed.

Carey Price Commissioned Painting

      When I approached Lynda about designing a painting for my boyfriend, she was more than excited to start this project with me.
     I already had an idea in my head of what I was looking for. When I started describing to Lynda what I wanted she knew exactly what I needed from her. Lynda did more than just paint an amazing portrait of Tom Brady, she also took me step by step with her and taught me a side of painting and art that I have never seen or felt before.
     Lynda was easy to work with and she had so many amazing tips and ideas for the painting. She took my ideas and made them more extravagant. This portrait turned out better than I could have ever imagined. It also created a beautiful friendship.
I would recommend anyone to work with Lynda! She created such an amazing piece of art.
     I could not believe how talented and understanding someone could be.
     I could not thank her enough for what she did for me and my boyfriend.
     Thank you Lynda from the bottom of my heart for being an amazing and beautiful person. You have honestly created a once in a life time portrait! No one can do what you can.

xoxo - Randi Hoglund


Hi Lynda,

Just wanted to express my appreciation, for your incredible artwork! The detailed workmanship, and personal passions, have allowed your artworks to speak for themselves. I am certainly recommending your artwork, to all that appreciate pure artist expressions.

Art is something that comes alive, and whispers a personal introspection, that reaches your heart; your work has touched mine. I know that you are able to accommodate any requests, as I do have a guitar, that needs your artwork embedded on the body.

Again, thank you!!! Glen Bechard 

Thank you Lynda, for taking my vision and painting it into reality! It is far greater than I dreamed of. You are Amazing! Twilla. 

John & Erin June
Jewelry Consultant at Peoples

" Lynda is an amazing artist with an eye for detail. "

I am very impressed with the Gilcee print that was done for me by Lynda of the Hermit Cabin.  The quality of the print was exceptional and so realistic to the original.  I have had many compliments from visitors to my home, who were truly amazed that it wasn’t the original oil painting.   I would truly recommend having a print done, especially if you are unable to afford an original!  You will not be disappointed with the outstanding results.   TFarrah

Hi Lynda

I would like to personally thank  you for the print...I am extremely impressed with the quality.  I know you put an extreme amount of heart and soul into the original painting.... only someone with a passion for horses could capture the soul of the horses the way that you have ... only someone who understands riding could have captured the detail of the tack that you have... and having spent a large part of your life with the horse industry, how painful this painting must have been.   I am fortunate to know you personally and professionally... and am grateful everyday for the little piece of your artwork!  "

Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

The Couple Print

It’s coming up on Valentine’s Day and I would like to purchase the Couple print as this is still my Wife's favorite print.

Your work is amazing, and the connection I feel with the art work is beautiful. From memory, I think you have already done a series on this and we really admire them all. So, when I searched for your website and saw the print was available, I just had to seize this opportunity to make my beautiful wife happy yet again. Thank you for the amazing work you do that speaks to me in a way my wife and I understand and appreciate!

Watching the website for more inspirational work from such a beautiful person!

Thank you,

David Morris

Tom Brady Commissioned Painting

Cory Balzer
Billing Service Representative at Cypher Systems Group (CSG)
I highly recommend to check out Lynda's artwork portfolio. She specializes in portraits, nature and animals and is now expanding her portfolio with superhero pieces. If you want to take a look at Lynda's work, please check out her website at: