Lynda instinctively, knew this was going to be a life long career and her passion! Lynda opened up her own business and and created the 1st and longest Mural in the Town of Amherstburg along the waterside park. As Lynda was finishing this Mural, she was chosen to create a Mural for The Fort Malden Museum of the War of 1836-37. This mural was documented in the Windsor Star as a first of it's kind in 170 years in a Parliament Building. Described as a Labour of Love from members of parliament at the unveiling and in the local newspapers.

Lynda offered classes and has taught many students in group settings as well as one on one classes and is currently working on commission base work from her current home Studio in Central Chatham-Kent, Ontario Canada. 

Lynda enjoys meeting other artists, and loves the collaboration and support that strong artists give to each other. This is a concept Lynda believes in strongly. When there is time she also loves to go En plein air painting whenever she can, within a group or solo! Venturing throughout the area, Lynda's travels allow her to paint such magnificent scenery and subjects! God orchestrates each and every one of Lynda's paintings she truly believes this and knows he is guiding her to what she should do next. 

Lynda is a very well rounded and grounded artist who takes her work and role seriously in her profession and along the way she likes to enjoy such a profession and what life brings. 

Lynda has been represented by several Galleries throughout her painting career and has had success with these Galleries and continues to support them and other artists.

​Lynda is painting in her Unique Voice and is enjoying the journey!

Short Bio:​
Lynda Moffatt Artist

     Lynda is a  Professional Artist. 

Lynda was fortunate to study Oils under Harold Cooper in Ohio.

Lynda has exhibited throughout Southern Ontario and Ohio for many years. She has exhibited in group and solo shows within her communities and supports the local Artist's Associations and Ontario Parks.

Lynda helped with the revitalization project throughout the City of Windsor, painting public outdoor murals with a group of artists.