Self Portrait

by Lynda Moffatt

Airbrushed on Diebond ~ Framed

Size ~ 20" x 26"

Medium ~ Acrylics

This self-portrait was done while working at the Windsor Art Studio. It was a challenge given with a time frame, for our new learning tool - The airbrush.

(Once you get the rhythm down you then begin to paint!) I kept hearing this and then one day, just like they said - it clicked! What a melody of sound is made, while painting takes over and you are who God made you to be.

The airbrush, is now my favourite tool of choice. 

This was a great time in my life, we as artists were hired in to learn and share techniques, while painting the Murals you see throughout the City of Windsor.

There was no room for error and off we went to paint the town ~ ok ~ City!

Rubbing elbows literally with the Best of the Best Artists. I was fortunate to paint side by side with one of the best artists and to have another one, right on the other side of me. A huge studio full of artists to contemplate and communicate with.

You couldn't help but grow stronger as an Artist. Friendships grew and remain today. Mentoring from your peers was totally awesome, productive criticism at it's best. We continue to grow, learn & support each other in our artistic ventures. What a wonderful Life experience, I will never forget and thank God for the friendships made.