Welcome to Lynda's Exhibit & Shows pages:

This is where you get to meet the people who really matter to  Lynda and her art journey!

The art lovers who appreciate Lynda's work and take them home to their forever home. Lynda has always felt, that a painting is not complete until it makes this final part of the journey after leaving her studio.

Oh what a wonderful journey it is!

You get to meet so many wonderful people, hear what the have to say and how they feel about her work, what and where she has painted and maybe life in general. All these people interacting and feeling connected with the arts and the people who this same interest. They actually all become a part of your art journey, your story, your memories, your art family! It is bliss to be a part of this and watch it all transpire. 

Lynda has had so many wonderful events, exhibits and shows throughout the years at every level of her art career. Lynda truly enjoys this part of the journey and will be doing a lot more! Inside, outside, in studio, in Galleries, at exhibits!

She looks forward to seeing you there!

Exhibits & Art Shows​​  

John R Park

Parade of All Horse Breeds