Mural on the dock

Dr. Dave of Lakeshore, commissioned me to paint murals onlong his dock.

He founded a kayak club and what a great idea it would be to paint along the dock walls and have everyone in the club painted.

His daughter was getting married, and his wife worked with a designer for the inside of the home.

Dr. Dave wanted it also nice down by the dock where everyone eventually ends up to mingle.

The challenge was taken and we came up with this design.

Painted in Oils to with stand the weather and water.

What a wonderful project this was!

Trendsetting again,  

Thanks, Lynda ;)

Back Splash

This is a Mosaic - Faux Finish back splash I hand painted for a display room at the Sears Store in Leamington, Ontario.

Commissioned by Sears, I painted all around the displays showing the new trends and what could be done with art, instead of buying one tile because you like it. But, when put together it is then way too much, too busy! 

This was a wonderful venue to show my work and talents. Chosen by all the best builders in the area, asking me to paint and showcase with them.