CIBC Mural

This Mural Restoration has quite a story with it as well.

The Town wanted to commission a west coast artist to paint this mural originally and the original artist could not make the deadline.  Another artist was brought in locally and painted this mural, years ago. This artist, was one of my peers as well and I couldn't believe I was asked to complete the restoration!

 The mural had taken on years of weather and was in dire need of repair. Missing so much of the original work as most of the restorations do.  I was asked to bring it back to life, by giving it a face lift!

Researching, how the original artists would have worked and what methods and supplies would have been used is so rewarding once tackled and completed.  Working right on the walls, in this case is was brick and mortar, airbrushing and painting away, clear coating and completed.

Another incredible summer project, meeting people, talking, story telling and sharing in art!

Thank you again, for having faith and choosing us to restore the town's Murals.