Lynda is a well-established, Professional Artist working in Portraits & Figurative Landscapes. Medium: Oils/Acrylic ~

Tools: Brushes/Airbrush ~ Style: a cross between Realism & Impressionism!

~ Artist Statement ~

I paint Portraits to remember loved ones the way we want too!

I paint figurative landscapes to express a poetic story to the viewer of what my eyes see and my heart feels.


Where my Commission base mainly comes from. The majority  of these works have been created by airbrushing or hand brushing in acrylics.
The goal of my work here is to give my clients exactly what they are looking for and a bit more!  To show that I understand what they are seeing and asking for and yet give a part of myself in the painting as well.
I strive to convey the various aspects of humans. So you can feel their spirit, their character & their Soul within the painting.
If I can embrace the viewers attention and bring them into my paintings, to see what I see, then I have led them into my world of art. With this I feel I have truly succeeded.
I spend countless hours meticulously painting my subjects with the utmost attention to detail. When working on an art piece, I get so intensely into the painting, that I cannot think of anything else! I am totally in the zone! 
I lose myself in the act of creation. 
I have truly found my calling in life, whether working with clients to create an original custom portrait, or on one of my own personal projects, it gives me great joy knowing that my creations are treasured and appreciated by others. For this I am truly blessed and very thankful! 

Figurative Landscapes:

This is where my Unique Voice comes into play. Creating these personal paintings of my favourite places, animals and people doing what they do. I paint these subjects mainly in Oils and sometimes in acrylics/mixed media. 
I love painting these paintings, they take me back to a feeling I had at that location and what I saw and felt!
I paint what I have experienced and see in my life. Through my eyes, I paint my life hoping to give you a glimpse of what I wish for you to see and take in through my paintings.
Some artist's strive to complete the perfect rendering of Realism as in Portrait painting. Which, I too paint and have been so blessed to be able to render the likeness of the subject. Yet, there is another side to being an artist.
Once you have challenged yourself to realism and feel you have mastered it,  you now challenge yourself again. To become the artist you are meant to be. You ask yourself: How are you different from all those other realistic artist's. Why are you here, what are you meant to paint and how are you meant to paint them? Answer: Creating your own Unique self is a journey all it's own! A journey I am so pleased to be on. Incorporating all the other techniques learned along the way studying under other great artists. Being close to your peers, challenges you to become you!
With this being said, my figurative/landscapes have become more of a cross of Picturesque/Painterly/ Impressionism with my focus being on design/colour/tone. Using shadows/light & techniques, I achieve this.
I have learned over 250 techniques and present them in these paintings to create my very own poetic story in art form for the viewer to enjoy!