Welcome, to Lynda's Commission page.

You can watch the slideshow and/or venture through this tab to find  a variety of Portrait Commissions and descriptive information Lynda has worked on over the years. Lots more to upload!

     If you enjoy Portrait Paintings, you have made it to the right spot. Lynda offers some of these paintings in Giclee Prints. These prints are so beautiful and look so real most people really believe they are the original. The Giclee prints are guaranteed for  100 yrs. of archival year life. Given with a Certificate of Title, signed by the Artist to document your investment. 

The originals are always going to be slightly different than the prints in design, colour and size. Lynda makes sure her clients who purchase originals have a unique piece of art and no one will ever have the same painting as they do.

But, you will be well pleased with the purchase of a Giclee Print as well.

Some of Lynda's Collectors have both and testify that no one can tell the difference.

It really is a personal choice.

      If you are looking to decorate your home, office, recreation room, vacation home or Man/Mom cave Lynda can work with you to help you decide what painting and size may help elevate your space.  

Purchasing paintings is truly an investment. It is like buying furniture for your walls. What you spend on a couch, you want to hang something adequately over it. As well as your fireplace, etc.  You will have these paintings for years to come, 

 to cherish and to hand down to your children and their children. Only to increase in value. A smart decision in today's economy!

Lynda is here to help you on this journey, contact her through the Contact tab, to see what she can do for you!