Lynda is a Professional Artist

working in Portraits & Figurative Landscapes.

Medium used: Oils/Acrylic/Mixed-Media 
Tools of choice: Sable Brushes/Talon Airbrush

Lynda's Style is a cross between Picturesque/Painterly/Impressionism

Lynda moved back to Canada over Sept. 11, 2001 from the U.S. and worked mainly throughout Middlesex and Essex Counties, working on Public and private Murals.

Lynda now works from her home Studio in Central Chatham-Kent, Ontario.

Lynda moved to this area over 2011-2012 and has been working mainly on Portrait Commission.

Lynda is currently, taking the time to work on the process of creating, her unique voice with figurative landscapes, in the style of Picturesque/Painterly/Impressionism. The medium is oil (with water based medium) on canvas , with acrylic under painting.

Lynda is loving her journey and hopes you enjoy it with her!

Lynda enjoys painting,  locally, going for paint outs and on her Vacations.

One of her favourite spots to paint and visit is up North in Algonquin Park along with the Muskoka surrounding areas as well as Manitoulin Island.

 Lynda's ancestor's originated in this area and it still feels like home to her. She tries to visit the area as often as she can and when she is not there she is painting the area or looking at photos she took of the area and enjoying it's history and beauty.

Lynda really does enjoy life and what life has to offer!
Lynda enjoys spending quality time with Family and Friends!
Lynda has always had a special fondness to horses and nature.
Lynda definitely makes the most of each day! Watching the Sun rise and doing what she can until she sees that beautiful Sunset!

She has become an avid bird watcher & nature lover in all aspects. 
Lynda loves living in such a beautiful area watching the bird migrations and enjoying the Carolinian Forest surrounded by the Great Lakes. If you see Lynda  painting en plein air she is very approachable and loves to talk with people about the day or the arts!

When Lynda is not painting, you may find her documenting the world around her as she loves to keep a journal of writings and sketches. You will usually find her with her easel, journal, camera and/or binoculars enjoying her surroundings! 

Meet, Lynda the Artist!

Lynda sketching in one of her favourite places, 

Algonquin Park and the surrounding areas.

 ​Visit Lynda in her home Studio/Gallery

virtually through her Social Media presence

or by invitation to her home.

Lynda gives private viewings of works in progress in the Studio and what's in the Artist's Collection to Collectors and art lovers who are interested.

Message her and Lynda will arrange an appointment for you!