This is the Home page of Artist Lynda Moffatt and her Art Portfolio website, where Lynda shares everything about her Art Journey!

You will find, what she is up to in the studio, where she might be planning on painting next or when she is going to the next art show / exhibit! 

  Lynda is primarily, a self-taught artist.

Lynda's background and focus is in Oils. Her love of oils began by private lessons by Harold Cooper in Ohio who's influence continues in her work. Lynda remembers his words to her on her Journey back to Canada. Go and paint and become who God intended you to be.  Learn how to correct your own mistakes. If you paint with someone too long, you will just become them. Become Yourself! :)

  Lynda has become a Professional Artist, now over 18 years later. 

Working mainly in Commissioned based art for Public and Private sectors. 

Lynda really is now very comfortable using different mediums and tools, and uses whatever suits the subject and often uses mixed-media in her works.

    Lynda has recently completed a Tribute to Tom Thomson for the 100th Anniversary of his death and Canada's 150th Birthday. Two great Milestones to acknowledge.

There are a couple of these paintings available and you can see them all on their own Private page listed above in the tabs.

The research and painting for this Tom Thomson Tribute has inspired Lynda and she has been working on New paintings and enjoying the process of creating her own Unique Voice.

 Lynda has recently finished paintings for the Fall Art Exhibit at Algonquin Park with her new association with the E.C.O.A.A. the exhibit has recently ended and Lynda has sold the last 5 paintings she painted for this event.

Quite a nice message that she is on the right path!

Lynda loves painting her favourite places, animals and people doing what they love to do!
She enjoys painting en plein air and the feeling of life all around her. 

Lynda just finished 4 lovely en plein air paintings while on her Annual Fall Trip to Algonquin Park. Lynda also has several en plein air paintings from her summer trip this year and will be posting them here as well. 

Some of these paintings have been sold and there will be an update on the paintings that are still available.

Lynda paints on large canvases or diebond panels, in or out of the Studio.

This is from years of painting public murals for cities and townships.

Currently, Lynda is working on a series entitled "Algonquin Adventures".

This series should enlighten everyone and tell a tale or two!

Using colour theory, design and the atmosphere, Lynda wants to take you on a journey, with her that you will truly enjoy! :)

Lynda's style is a cross between Picturesque - Painterly Realism. Lynda is known for her use of colours & compositions, including techniques (especially if she is painting liquids). Lynda's form and design are always proven in her work.

The feeling Lynda provokes to the viewer is stunning and when most walk up to an original Lynda knows she's done her job when she hears them, say: Wow!

​Lynda will generally will work until she hears that, Wow factor!

Then, she Knowingly, feels as if, she has done her job!

By knowing her subjects extremely well and executing what she feels to portray, Lynda creates an instant bond between the viewer and the painting.  Lynda feels her work is not finished until it reaches the viewer and then their story begins with it!

Lynda's work has been published in Artist magazines, Newspaper articles and her Paintings have homes in Private, Corporate and Government collections inside of Canada and The United States. Some paintings have made it overseas and to this Lynda is truly grateful!

Lynda has made a decision to become a member of the Eastern Central Ontario Artist Association. Lynda loves surrounding herself with strong supportive colleagues and artists. This decision will allow her to surround herself with such colleagues and peers. 

 This will also allow Lynda to get even more immersed in her art career and challenge herself even more.

Lynda supports art events and will be exhibiting at selected events throughout the coming years. 

Lynda supports the art community and some of the proceeds of her works goes to helping sustain Algonquin Park and Artist Associations when exhibiting in the Park.

Lynda feels strongly about giving back where she can.

Lynda is open to Gallery hosting, please feel free to have a conversation with her and see if it is a good fit.

Lynda hopes you enjoy your visit here on The Portfolio website of Lynda Moffatt

Stop by often, and check out what's New!





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